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 What does 'KOSH' mean?  

KOSH actually means 'treasure' in Hindi.  

Are your products handmade?

All of our beaded bracelets are handmade in our studio in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. The rest of our products are carefully sourced from inspected facilities and manufacturers with quality standards.

Are your products lead and nickel free?  

Yes, all of our pieces are lead and nickel free. KOSH JEWELS signature pieces are manufactured in certified facilities that use lead and nickel free materials.

Do you ship?

Yes, KOSH JEWELS ships worldwide.  Shipping costs vary and are calculated at checkout.  All orders over $100 qualify for FREE SHIPPING. 

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, local pick-up is available and can be selected at checkout as 'Pick Up'. We will send you a pick up notification with our studio address.

The item I want is out of stock. Can you order it?

Sometimes.  We will do our best to re-stock our KOSH favorites, but because our inventory is forever changing, some of our pieces may not get re-stocked;  we love to make room for new styles.  

Can I shop on facebook OR Instagram?  

Absolutely! facebook, Instagram and Messenger now  make it easy for you to browse our shop and collections from within the apps themselves, with easy checkout features. 

My item broke, will you replace it?

All KOSH JEWELS items come with a standard 30 day warranty; a typical warranty for costume jewelry.  We strive to stock items that are durable , but on occasion a piece that is a little more delicate may not hold up to everyday wear and tear as well as we wished it had.  If an item is damaged or defective within 30 days of the time of purchase, we will gladly exchange your item.  Some exceptions will be made if the item purchased falls outside of the 30 day exchange period.  

My KOSH SIGNATURE BRACELET snapped, can it be fixed?

We use high a quality stretch cord when making our KOSH SIGNATURE BEADED BRACLETS, so this is rare. In the event that this does happen, we would gladly re-string your bracelet FREE of charge. Just get in touch with us.

Why is my jewelry tarnishing?

The life-span of costume jewelry that is worn frequently is about 6-8 months when taken care of properly. Some simple rules to live by to extend the life of your KOSH JEWELS:

  • Humidity is NOT GOOD for costume jewelry; moisture means quick tarnish when not stored properly. In fact you'll notice that people living in some of the hottest places in the world stick to gold, silver and stainless steel for this very reason.
  • Store in your jewels in air-tight plastic baggies. Air tight with little to no moisture will keep your KOSH JEWELS looking fresh and new.
  • Keep your JEWELS dry.  Don't shower, swim or exercise in you JEWELS. Moisture will slowly strip the plating away over time. Perfume is no exception, spray first then throw on your favorite pieces.
  • Can I get rid of the tarnish?


    Stainless steel and sterling silver are the easiest to clean and can be done so with tarnish cloths. It's more difficult to wipe away tarnish from costume jewelry but  you may find success with some pieces, depending on the metal and texture. DO NOT USE abrasive agents to clean your KOSH JEWELS.

    Do you sell gift cards?

    Yes. Gift cards are available in several denomination and expire after 5 years.  Gifts can be used online or in-studio. When you purchase a gift card online, you will receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that can be used at checkout to redeem its value. Gift cards can be used to make purchases both online and in person.

    How do digital KOSH GIFT CARDS work with iOS?

    • iPhone and Apple Wallet Pass Feature

    iPhone users can download KOSH GIFT CARDS right to their Apple Wallet on their iOS device from the notification email that they receive when they buy a gift card. E-mailed gift cards will include an Add to Apple Wallet button. Customers can click the button to open the gift card automatically in Apple Wallet. The Pass displays your store information, the gift card's active balance, and a unique QR code.

    *Please note that you will still have to manually input your unique GIFT CARD CODE upon checkout. QR codes from with your wallet can only be tapped and scanned in-studio.

    How do you redeem KOSH GIFT CARDS?

    When making a purchase in our online shop, you can redeem the value of a gift card by entering its unique code in the 'DISCOUNT CODE or GIFT CARD' section on our checkout page.This code isn't case sensitive. A gift card holds a balance, which can be spent over more than one order. Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order, which can include taxes and shipping.

    Are digital KOSH GIFT CARDS transferable?

    Yes. Like any gift card, you can pass them along to friends and loved ones bby sharing your unique GIFT CARD CODE. The enabled iPhone Wallet Pass feature makes this even easier with the iOS devices as KOSH GIFT CARDS within your Apple Wallet can be shared in seconds.

    I received a gift form KOSH JEWELS and it's just not for me, can I exchange it?

    Yes, we'd be happy to exchange your gift for something else in our studio. Just reach out and we'd be happy to help you find something else.


    If you didn't find the answer to your question here, please 'Contact Us' with any questions, requests or comments. We'd love to hear from you.